Employing Earth's Energy

A new solution to geothermal energy.

Green Therma provides a new way of harnessing the earth heat into the greenest energy using modern technology and our Heat4Ever concept.

Using a single, deep and horizontal wellbore, we utilize the heat from the earth to deliver energy to district heating in a closed loop system.

We use our patented DualVac concept to maximize energy production in a safe, zero emission and non-polluting solution that will for decades continue.

Reliable, Sustainable, Safe and Low-cost Heating and Power

The concept provides reliable, sustainable, safe and low-cost heating and power to the energy user from their local habitat including heated water directly for district heating.

We care about local enviromental concerns, addressed by taking past experience into consideration, listen to involved stakeholders and working with only the best partners.

Source: Geoviden
  • Zero-carbon emission with only surface pumps, that can be powered by solar cells, or flow generator
  • Triassic sandstones (in Denmark) are deep enough and hard enough to be a good heat reservoir for many decades or even centuries
Environmentally Friendly
  • Close loop with no risk of subsurface pollution
  • No scale or other build-ups in pipe
  • No transportation of fuel
  • No supply chain pollution or emission
Stable Output
  • Vacuum pipe secures water temperature from extremity to surface of well over decades
  • Model shows decades of
    heating possible
Low Risk
  • No fracking required, no downhole pumping, no foreign liquids into formation
  • No geological acquifer or induced seismicity
Cost Efficient
  • Only 1 well required to produce and inject
  • Low maintenance of the closed
    loop system, with no downhole
    equipment to maintain
  • Only pumps at surtace

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