KCA Deutag joins Green Therma and SLB in strategic collaboration to deliver new revolutionary closed-loop geothermal solution


KCA Deutag joins Green Therma and SLB in strategic collaboration to deliver new revolutionary closed-loop geothermal solution

Green Therma has announced a strengthened Heat4Ever collaboration with KCA Deutag and SLB.

The purpose of the partnership is to deliver Heat4Ever wells to public and private clients by applying mission critical services, competencies and benefit from their experience from the oil & gas industry in geothermal energy production.

KCA Deutag will deliver the drilling rig and associated services, further supported by its Kenera business unit for rig technologies and digital services. SLB will deliver well services, directional drilling expertise for horizontal wells and geothermal expertise, integrated project management experience and service.

Green Therma will deliver geological expertise, and the revolutionary DualVac system, that enables the geothermal well to extract heat from the subsurface in a closed loop system, avoiding geological reservoir risk, pollution from subsurface liquids and enable a flexibility that so far has not been possible in geothermal heating.

It has been widely recognized that the success of geothermal projects relies heavily on bringing the expertise developed during decades in the oil & gas industry in play when executing geothermal projects. Hence, the strategic collaboration is viewed as an essential step in realizing the potential of Green Therma’s revolutionary closed-loop geothermal solution.

Jørgen Peter Rasmussen, CEO at Green Therma says: “We are privileged to work with KCA Deutag and SLB on commercializing our technology and consider the strategic collaboration a prerequisite for the exciting and rewarding journey ahead of us. This gives us full operational capabilities and access to the best technology and competences in drilling deep and horizontal geothermal wells.  Together we will do 100s of Heat4Ever wells to give our clients greener heat for their homes and businesses.

Simon Drew, President of Land at KCA Deutag: “We are extremely proud to be part of this innovative geothermal project. By harnessing our extensive experience in drilling and as an OEM already servicing the geothermal market we are forging a path towards a cleaner energy future.  Together with our partners, we’re not just drilling wells, we’re providing sustainable solutions, ensuring a reliable and enduring energy supply for the future.

The first project that the three partners are expected to realize is a full-scale demonstration project, where the closed-loop solution is constructed in a horizontal well and connected to an existing district heating network.

The geothermal well includes both a vertical section as well as a horizontal section, which will be placed at a depth of approx. 3.5 km enabling a temperature high enough for direct use via heat exchangers into the district heating network.

About Green Therma

Green Therma is a pioneer within geothermal well technology. DualVac, Green Therma’s patented single-well dual pipe technology, brings heated water to the surface with limited heat loss through the closed-loop Heat4Ever solution. Green Therma is an integrated project manager of the Heat4Ever solution, starting with design, drilling, completion, and installation. Heat4Ever is for district heating and industrial applications utility companies’ district heating grids and private enterprises’ heating systems. Green Therma’s mission is to provide affordable and reliable deep earth heating to everyone over a long time, with a minimal environmental footprint and virtually zero emissions.

Green Therma is a young company, but with a very experienced board and management, who has the network to the best in the industry to deliver the geothermal energy at lowest possible risks.

About KCA Deutag

KCA Deutag is a leading drilling, engineering and technology partner in current and future global energy markets, delivering innovative solutions to ensure a secure, affordable and sustainable energy future. With over 135 years of experience, we capitalise on our knowledge and expertise to develop and deliver safe quality services and products, and innovative technology that optimise performance and sustainability for our customers. Our global network of operations spans 25 countries, where we employ over 11,000 people in our Land, Offshore and Kenera business units. We currently operate or own 160 drilling rigs across the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Caspian Sea, Latin America and Canada.

Kenera expands the group’s offering in hydrocarbon and energy transition markets to deliver technology solutions that ensure a sustainable and responsible future by consolidating the skills, competencies and experience of the existing KCA Deutag group with those of Bentec – its land rig and oilfield equipment manufacturer, and RDS – its UK-based engineering and design specialist.

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