Green Therma Appoints Subodh Saxana to the Board of Directors


Green Therma Appoints Subodh Saxana to the Board of Directors

Subodh Saxana joined the Board of Green Therma on May 5, 2023.

Subodh is Senior vice-president at Nabors Industries, responsible for drilling solutions and services worldwide, and he has several board director positions in US, Norway and now Denmark.

He began his career in 1992 with Schlumberger as a Field Engineer and worked in different geographies and product lines in Engineering, Technology, Strategic Planning and Management positions.

Subodh received his BS degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India and his MBA from Rice University, Houston where he was recognized as a Rice scholar. He is a member of SPE and SPWLA.

Subodh served as an Advisory Board member for a non-profit organization, Tahirih Justice Center, and is currently a Board member of Quantico Energy Services and Reelwell a.s. 

Subodh commented: “I am pleased to join the board of this new Geothermal well company, where the focus is low risk geothermal energy. We at Nabors Industries will bring our drilling expertise to the table and help drill the right wells for Green Therma’s Heat4Ever solution, which I find is a great idea.”

Carl Emil Larsen, Chairman of the board, commented “It is a great pleasure to welcome Subodh and we are proud to have such an expert on drilling and well construction on our board. With his worldwide perspective, his technical knowledge and his business knowledge, Subodh will be a great asset to the company”

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